Monday, August 07, 2006

Go See Scoop

This a hokum blog and I just have to mention Woody Allen's newest film, "Scoop". I agree with those critics who say it is his funniest film in years. And it's one of his best, I think. He plays a hilariously old-fashioned vaudeville-style magician. The gorgeous Scarlett Johansson is his comedic sidekick. Or maybe he is her sidekick. Very beautifully filmed with a great script. Hugh Jackman rounds out the great cast. A "perfect" little movie complete with it's surreal deathship. You'll have to go see it to find out what that is. I think England suits Woody.
As a side note, look what I just found! A blog about Woody's jazz band:
I still have my autographed postcard from Michael's Pub in NYC signed by Woody himself many, many years ago.

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