Monday, May 22, 2006

Okay, I admit it!

I'm in love with Leonard Cohen or, at least, his music and words. That makes two of us: Prince Charles and me. I will now admit that I listened to his albums over and over and over again when I painted my "Little Pierrot Series". I tried to listen to other kinds of music, but they did not put me in the right mood. I had to get into the Leonard Cohen groove. Every last one of my little pierrots was painted under the influence of L.C.

I just ordered his new book, "Book of Longing" and his early novel, "The Favourite Game". There will be a documentary in the theaters soon and a new album with Anjani Thomas. He's also got an album of his own in the works. More on Leonard Cohen in this recent article in the N.Y.Times:
Leonard Cohen

It's a good time to support this man and his art.

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