Friday, May 05, 2006

Fred Stonehouse, Soulful Painter

"The Smile Of Winter" by Fred Stonehouse Copyright 2006
I have to say that one of the biggest thrills of my recent trip to California was driving up to West Hollywood to meet Fred Stonehouse (and family!). He also happened to be having an art opening the same day as mine. His was a solo show at Koplin Del Rio Gallery and I picked up a mini-poster from the show of "Frutti Proibiti".

Be sure to check out his show online- Fred Stonehouse

I talked to him (and Sandow Birk!) for about half an hour before heading off to my opening. Later on, after his party was over, he came down to my gallery in Santa Monica to check out my show! Very, very nice man and one of my favorite artists in the true sense of the word. An American original.

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