Friday, May 19, 2006

Mysterious Island of Monkey Love

The Monkey Love Paintings all started with the first Blab! Show in Santa Monica, CA. Here I am in front of the three paintings in the Track 16 exhibit of Sept/Oct 2005. You can see the mysterious "Banana Eater" painting which was bought by a mysterious famous artist and will be a mysterious spread in the mysterious next issue of mysterious "Blab! 17" which comes out in the mysterious month of Sept. 2006.

There was supposed to be a mysterious Blab! June 2006 showing of 16 mysterious monkey paintings with 8 mysterious monkey pages in "Blab! 17", but that event got cancelled before it began for mysterious reasons.

I have been able to continue the monkey series on my own, however, and I'm finishing up number 8 in the series now. It's called "The Teaser" and I will be posting it next week.

There will be another Blab group show in Sept. 2006 and I will be working on those paintings in the weeks & months to come....not necessarily monkeys, but also some brand new works. Stay tuned... as they are bound to be mysterious!!

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