Monday, October 31, 2011

Harry Clarke's Magical World

Enchanting illustrations by artist Harry Clarke (born in Dublin 1889) 
from "The Fairy Tales of Charles Perrault" (1922). 
See more at 50 Watts . 
I'm going on a little trip tomorrow.
 Please have a look at my blog archives while I'm gone.
I'll be back around Nov 7th. Stay tuned!

"Cloudy Collection" Exhibit, plus 2 New Print Sets!

NEW Prints Release today: Seven 5"x7" letterpress prints in a limited edition set from
Cloudy Collection called "Hanging with the Dead" just in time for Halloween. Follow the link to see a list of artists and to buy. Thanks, David Huyck. This set looks great. 
Plus, there will be an art show at the Pink Hobo Gallery opening Nov 4th, 2011 at 7-11 pm (507 East Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN) featuring all of the prints that Cloudy Collection has ever produced (since the very first set that I was in). Check out this amazing list of artists. The Minneapolis Indie Xpo is also happening on Nov. 5 & 6 at the Soap Factory: MIX (10-5pm), so it will be perfect timing for comic/art fans. 
If that's not enough, there will be a NEW, limited edition, silk screened "2012 Calendar of the Impending Apocalypse" with 12 artists (small detail teaser of my own piece shown below) that you will be able to buy at Cloudy Collection.  Just released! GO HERE for info. 

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Vogue Picture Records

Dick La Salle and His Society Orchestra, "Give Me all of Your Heart".
The Hour of Charm All-Girl Orchestra, "Seville"
Produced by Sav-Way Industries of Detroit, Vogue Picture Records were released to the public in May 1946. Production ceased less than a year later in April 1947. They were mostly 10" 78 RPM records, but there were also a few 12" records produced. See more examples of these funky, illustrated records at The Association of Vogue Picture Record Collectors

Saturday, October 29, 2011

"Mound" by Allison Schulnik

ZieherSmith Inc. (516 W.20th, NYC) is showing Allison Schulnik's new paintings and ceramics from Oct. 22 through Dec. 17th, 2011. (Example shown above: painting of a cat.) There's also a new claymation featuring ghostlike creatures just in time for Halloween called "Mound". 
Copyright Allison Schulnik 2011

Monday, October 24, 2011

I Love This Woman - Francoise Gilot

 Francoise Gilot is still painting away at age 90. From 1943 to 1952 she lived with Picasso, bless her heart. She even had two of his children. I'm sure it was a challenge. The age difference. The ego. The fame. The other women. The mood swings. She wrote a book about their years together ("Life with Picasso"). I've read it a few times. Picasso prevented her from showing her work in certain galleries after she left him (men in the art world will do that to women sometimes). The fact is she had a big influence on Picasso during the time she lived with him and there will be a show at Gagosian Gallery (NYC) in May 2012 of the Gilot-Picasso years. LINK NYTimes article. (See: Women of Picasso for a timeline.) The intelligent Gilot was destined to be with great men. She later married Jonas Salk (1970-1995). Here's an interesting interview with Gilot in 1998 by Charlie Rose (showing some of her work, old photos of that time, memories of Matisse, etc): 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

George Shaw takes hobby paints to a new level

Painter George Shaw is up for the 2011 Turner prize. The fact that he uses his boyhood enamel paints from the hobby store only lends more charm to these works. It seems difficult to paint compelling landscapes with those paints, but he manages to do so with great skill. His mysterious paintings of abandoned places trigger our memories of times gone by. (Two excellent examples of paintings by George Shaw shown above.)
Here's a video of George giving a tour of his exhibition Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art in Gateshead.  A short interview in Timeout with George Shaw .

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Amy Crehore Print Sale Extended!

 "Homage to the King of Cats" by Amy Crehore 
 "The Waiting Pool" by Amy Crehore
 "Song of the Sea" by Amy Crehore
"Weedsmoker's Dream" by Amy Crehore
"Shygals' Serenade" by Amy Crehore
Limited Edition prints by Amy Crehore 
Here's the LINK to view and purchase.
These are small limited editions. All prints are signed and numbered by me and, also, include a certificate of authenticity. Quality printing by a master printer.
Also, my 3-color letterpress is on sale, too! If you didn't get one of these, now is your chance. This one has a nice printing press texture to it.