Sunday, June 29, 2008

New Hokum Song- "Dusting the Frets"

I just updated my website player with a new Hokum Scorchers' song: Listen to "Dusting the Frets" originally by the Dallas Jamboree Jugband (1935), adapted by the Hokum Scorchers (w/new lyrics) from their "Yanna's Donut" album of 1995. This version has Lou Reimuller on National guitar, vocals, kazoo; Amy Crehore (me) on washboard w/ vocals, kazoo.
P.S. This song changes every Sunday night, so it will be different by the time you read this.

Details from 3 New Paintings by Amy Crehore

Detail from "The Caged Wonder" painting by Amy Crehore, oil on linen
Detail from "French Bubble Gum Encore" by Amy Crehore, oil on linen
Detail from "Black Ball Finale" by Amy Crehore, oil on linen

Click on images to enlarge.
Here are few more sneak-a-peek-teasers of my new pieces. I will be blogging them soon.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Folk Art & Olympic Track and Field Trials

Tim Boyden of Wildwood Designs, Eugene, OR
click on image to enlarge
Everyday when I go for my hike (up to the magic staircase in the woods), I pass Tim Boyden's studio and rock garden sculptures. Seeing his artwork always puts a smile on my face. It's very whimsical and amazingly creative. He uses found objects and natural woods to create an array of furniture that is hard to describe. There are always new pieces in his driveway and, the other day, I took a tour of his house where every piece of furniture is unique. There are chairs with antlers, sofas made of tree branches, beautiful slabs of wood for table tops.
His garage studio door is always open and he is often buzzing around in there making his fairy tale furniture. This week is the Olympic Track and Field trials, so the town of Eugene is making the most of it. They are being held up at U. of Oregon and it's only a few blocks from my house. I can hear the crowds cheering for the athletes.
Tim made a series of sculptures specifically for the event. He arranged them in a park next to his house and they are impressive. Shown here are just a few. He's got all the characters right: the javelin guy, the discus thrower, a sprinter, a shot putter, etc.

I'll Be in a July Show in Las Vegas

I'm doing a couple of small things for this exciting upcoming show-
"CRIMES ON CANVAS" Group art exhibition to include original paintings by:
Amanda Visell * Amy Crehore * Andrew Brandou * Angie Mason * Anne Faith Nicholls * Attaboy * Blaine Fontana * Bob Dob * Bosko * Brandt Peters * Camilla D'Errico * Chris Mars * Chris Reccardi * Colin Christian * Dale Sizer * Daniel Martin Diaz * Danny Roberts * Dave Pressler * David Stoupakis * Derek Yaniger * Francesco LoCastro * Glenn Barr * Greg Simkins * Heather Watts * Iceberg Slick * J. Shea * Jaclyn Presant * Jacob Arden McClure * James Naccarato * Jasmine Worth * Jason R. Pena * Jeremiah Ketner * Joe Ledbetter * John Bell * Joseph Watson * Justin Bua * Kathie Olivas * Kelly Haigh * KRK Ryden * Lisa Alisa * Liz McGrath * Lyle Motley * Lori Earley * Louis Carreon * Lynne Naylor * Mark Bodnar * Martin Hsu * Michael Childers * Mike Leavitt * Molly Crabapple * Morgan Slade * Naoto Hattori * Nate Frizzell * Nic Cowan * Pizz * Poor Al * Robert Pokorny * Ron English * SAS Christian * Sarah Joncas * Savanna Snow * Scott Belcastro * Sean Claurity * SHAG (aka Josh Agle) * Spencer Davis * STONE * Tessar Lo * Tim Biskup * Travis Louie * Yoskay Yamamoto and many more.
I don't think I'll be going, because I have to catch a plane to NYC the following Monday, but if you live nearby, you might want to check it out. The artwork that does not sell in Vegas will travel to Palm Springs afterwards, I believe, until August 11th, 2008. I'll blog my paintings when I finish them.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

I Need to Blog

I've neglected my blog for a few days. I got stuck painting on a painting that was already finished. Or so I thought. Sometimes these things happen. It's just not cut and dry. And I like a lot of paint. I'm not a one-coat artist. The more paint, the richer it looks. Or maybe it was just my nerves that kept me working too long on it. Looks like Juxtapoz has a little preview of my upcoming NYC show today...which will open July 25th. I'll be showing 6 or 7 paintings altogether.
The Art of Amy Crehore

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Orange Poppy

This a recent photo of me. I'm showing you the giant orange poppies in my overgrown Oregon backyard.

Where I Will Be Showing in July

Flickr has a nice set of photos from Ad Hoc Art's current show, "Poets of the Paste". The show looks to incredible. This is where I will be showing 6 oil paintings on linen from July 25-Aug. 24 in a show called "5 Identities, 5 Destinations". I'm very excited about this upcoming show and I will be flying to NYC for the opening. The address and hours are: 49 Bogart Street Buzzer 22, Unit 1G Brooklyn, NY 11206 Tel: 718.366.2466 Wednesday through Sunday, 1PM til 8PM, and by appointment.
Marshall Sponder over at Art New York City also just posted a video of the gallery. He took a little trip over there yesterday to check it out.
I hope my friends, fans, and collectors who live in the NYC area will come out to see my art in person. I have shown paintings a few times in NYC before, mostly at the Museum of American Illustration. This will be my first regular gallery show in NYC.
The Art of Amy Crehore