Sunday, May 28, 2006

Sketch for "The Teaser" by Amy Crehore

Here's a sketch for my latest monkey painting which I will post very soon.

"The Teaser" Copyright 2006 Amy Crehore

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Pierrot Family Portrait

It's time for another hokum image! The Pierrot is traditionally a love sick clown in white dating back to the 16th century Italian Commedia dell'arte. Here is an image from a vintage French postcard which I find rather charming.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Okay, I admit it!

I'm in love with Leonard Cohen or, at least, his music and words. That makes two of us: Prince Charles and me. I will now admit that I listened to his albums over and over and over again when I painted my "Little Pierrot Series". I tried to listen to other kinds of music, but they did not put me in the right mood. I had to get into the Leonard Cohen groove. Every last one of my little pierrots was painted under the influence of L.C.

I just ordered his new book, "Book of Longing" and his early novel, "The Favourite Game". There will be a documentary in the theaters soon and a new album with Anjani Thomas. He's also got an album of his own in the works. More on Leonard Cohen in this recent article in the N.Y.Times:
Leonard Cohen

It's a good time to support this man and his art.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Mysterious Island of Monkey Love

The Monkey Love Paintings all started with the first Blab! Show in Santa Monica, CA. Here I am in front of the three paintings in the Track 16 exhibit of Sept/Oct 2005. You can see the mysterious "Banana Eater" painting which was bought by a mysterious famous artist and will be a mysterious spread in the mysterious next issue of mysterious "Blab! 17" which comes out in the mysterious month of Sept. 2006.

There was supposed to be a mysterious Blab! June 2006 showing of 16 mysterious monkey paintings with 8 mysterious monkey pages in "Blab! 17", but that event got cancelled before it began for mysterious reasons.

I have been able to continue the monkey series on my own, however, and I'm finishing up number 8 in the series now. It's called "The Teaser" and I will be posting it next week.

There will be another Blab group show in Sept. 2006 and I will be working on those paintings in the weeks & months to come....not necessarily monkeys, but also some brand new works. Stay tuned... as they are bound to be mysterious!!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Robert Schwartz, Master of Miniature

The San Jose Museum of Art in California publishes wonderful art books. One of my favorite recent books is "Dream Games, The Art of Robert Schwartz". Schwartz was a very unique California painter who died at the youthful age of 53 in the year 2000. His gouache paintings were often no bigger than 8 inches square, but all were packed with tiny details, surreal narratives and ambiguous emotion.

Read the blurb and order the book here: San Jose Museum of Art

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

There's Nuthin' Like Monkey Love

I just added a "Monkey Love Store" to my website. I'm now offering limited edition, signed giclee prints of SIX images from my new Monkey Love Series! Boingboing called them "ASTOUNDING"!!(Mark Frauenfelder) Only 100 in each edition. First orders will be ready at the end of this week.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Two New "Little Pierrot" Prints Released

I just recently released two new limited edition, signed giclee prints in my "Little Pierrot" series: "Black Comedy" and "Banjo Gal".

They are available now in my
"Little Pierrot Store" at .