Monday, February 09, 2015

Sorting through Archives (Illustration)

 Stacks of Playboy Magazines from 1991 - 2002 that my illustrations are published in.
A spread I did for Playboy, issue Jan 1992. My photo appears in the middle of the Playbill.
Here's an example of an illustration I did for Esquire magazine in 1991. 
A story by Robert Stone (who just died this year). 

I have done plenty of illustration work over the years for magazines and book publishers. 
Just look at the stack of Playboys alone that my work has appeared in (above). Eleven years of regular assignments.
Kerig Pope at Playboy was the first art director for a "big" magazine to call me in 1991, followed by Rhonda Rubenstein at Esquire. 
I have many more big name magazines and drawers of original illustrations to
sort through and catalogue like the example of Esquire above.
Right now, my website shows only part of my career history 
with an emphasis on my fine art.
I am working on it and I am working on writing a better bio of my entire art career.

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