Friday, April 19, 2013

Tickler #3 - A Concert Ukulele (Crehore)

Tickler # 3 is getting near the point where I will soon be painting the top and headstock. This is a photo of the bridge being set up. As you can see, the bridge is made of carved ebony (lovingly carved by luthier Lou Reimuller) - it is my original design, as is the uke itself. There will be bridge pins and a saddle, so this is just a glimpse of what it will look like. There are also many other great features that this photo doesn't even begin to show. I will reveal them a little later on. Stay tuned!
The Art of Amy Crehore
Photos of Lou Reimuller's work bench (luthier).
Lou has worked so hard on this and his craftsmanship is near perfection.
Here's the link to a couple more photos of this # 3 uke in progress on flickr.

Also, Link to Tickler #2 which is a soprano pineapple model (that I designed and Lou built).

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