Monday, February 18, 2013

Walt Kuhn and Guy Pene du Bois

The painter Walt Kuhn (above) was actually one of the organizers of the 1913 Armory show in NYC as a member of the Association of American Painters and Sculptors. Here's a link to Kuhn's records.
This is Walt Kuhn's gorgeous "American Beauty" painting, 1934. It is in the collection of the Chrysler Museum (Norfolk, VA). LINK
It is one of the many portraits of performers that Walt Kuhn painted. More images here.
An artist named Guy Pene du Bois was included in the 1913 Armory show along with 299 others.
Below are some of his works (not necessarily in the Armory show, just works that I like). Mysterious and deceptively simple compositions.

Read about Guy Pene du Bois 
More images here.

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