Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Very unique instrument: Gibson Mando-bass

I used this antique Gibson Mando-bass from 1917 that we have at home as an inspiration for my dream-like "Feed the Bear Blues" painting (shown above, Amy Crehore 2007, oil on linen, approx. 9"x 9"). The gorgeous pod-shape of the mando-bass reflects the wonderful art nouveau sensibility of Gibson at the time. The mando-bass can be played standing up or sitting down (horizontally). I exhibited this painting in my Brooklyn show at Ad Hoc Gallery in 2008. (By the way, the painting is still available.) You may have seen the band Smashing Pumpkins play one of these in a music video. The mando-bass was generally used in mandolin orchestras of the time.
 The Art of Amy Crehore

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