Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Drawings for New Work (Crehore)

"A Delicate Promenade" by Amy Crehore 2011 (click to enlarge drawing)

"A Little Escapade" by Amy Crehore 2011 (click to enlarge drawing)

Someone told me that they really liked my preliminary drawings, so I thought I would show you the two pencil drawings that I did for my new paintings. "A Little Escapade" totally morphed into something different when I painted it. Also, here are some quick digital shots of how these paintings looked framed before I shipped them off to the NEW BROW IV show in Seaside, CA. (Opens Friday May 13, 2011) More info about this show in a previous post.
Please go to my website homepage for larger images of these oil paintings on linen:

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