Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Beauty of Letterpress (New Print by Amy Crehore)

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Shygals' Serenade 3-color letterpress print by Amy Crehore
I took a photo from the side just to show you the beauty of a letterpress print. The ink is pressed into the paper causing a deep impression. Please click on the photo to see what I'm talking about. I made an ink drawing with a fine brush first and then I used acetate to make overlays for each color (also using brush and ink). This is the old-fashioned way of doing it, so the result looks somewhat like an old children's book illustration. I used motifs from my paintings of gals and monkeys. I added a flyswatter and a ukulele for fun. I hand-lettered Shygals' Serenade with my own made-up typeface.
I want to thank a number of wonderful blogs for taking an interest in this print:

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alteredslates said...

Well...that's just appears that the word is out and now everybody will want one! I definately better get mine pronto ;) another check is in the mail.