Monday, March 22, 2010

A Grandfather's Trip Around the World, 1926

click on image to enlarge (detail of larger photo, copyright Mark Lowrie)
Hawaii, 1927. One of the girls is playing a pineapple uke. This photo looks as fresh as if it were taken yesterday. And, in a way, it is that fresh. My good friend, photographer Mark Lowrie from L.A., recently found a treasure box of negatives of his grandfather's trip around the world. His grandfather's name was Robert Henry Lowrie and they called him "Bulldog". He was an engineering teacher in Honolulu. When he got divorced in 1926, he decided to take a trip around the world. Mark had read his grandfather's journal many times, but he didn't realize there were photos, too. The contents of the box were so amazing, that Mark decided to put together a book:
"This book is a combination of his day to day journal entries and recently discovered photographs of the journey. Following the trade routes by ship around the globe, there are period photos of Japan, China, the Philippines, Ceylon, the Mid East, Europe, and a road trip across the United States. He flies across the English Channel, (the year before Lindy crosses the Atlantic), meets the President at the White House and the Pope at the Vatican (refusing to kiss his ring)."
How cool is that? Here's the link to Mark's book:

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