Monday, January 04, 2010

What Am I Working On?

In Progress- small detail of a much larger work by Amy Crehore
In Progress- detail of larger painting by Amy Crehore
I'm working on a couple of paintings right now. Here, I'm showing you some details of unfinished works. The top one will actually have ten figures in it. I also have some ukulele things going on and a letterpress in the works. This month, and into the new year, I'll be very busy creating new art. Stay tuned to my blog as things unfold.

The Art of Amy Crehore


groovehouse said...

I love the look of the pencil sketch! Great work as usual.

CĂ©cily said...

Wonderful colors !

Happy new year to you !

alteredslates said...

Went back thru my e-mail trying to follow up on this painting in progress...could'nt find the 'lil hokum rag' post that showed the entire painting sketch; was just wondering how it was coming along; I was especially intrigued by this one simply because of the inclusion of the 'kelp tube' on the beach...brought back memories as a young boy on the Oregon coast :)

Amy Crehore said...

Hi- this painting was pretty ambitious and took longer than I though it would...I hope to take slides this week and post it.
Thanks for asking! yes, it has some Oregon seaweed in it.