Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pigs and a Clown- Map of the States 1884

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"Puke, Sucker, Bug Eater or Fly Up the Creek" are all nicknames of the states on this fancy, illustrated map. It's brought to you by H.W. Hill & Co. Decatur Illinois, sole manufacturer of Hill's hog ringers, Hill's triangular rings, calf & cow weaners, stock rings, &c. Copy of this map mailed for 5 one cent stamps. Map of the United States showing the state nicknames as hogs. Lithograph by Mackwitz, St. Louis, 1884.
Thanks, trialsanderrors at flickr


Steven Stwalley said...

Wow. Thanks!

Amy Crehore said...

I know...this map is great! HA!