Thursday, August 11, 2011

Amy Crehore's Tickler Ukulele #2

Here are some photos of Tickler Ukulele #2. Click to enlarge.
I designed and painted this uke. Luthier Lou Reimuller built it from scratch. It has a lot of cool details and different kinds of wood. For a full written description and a few more photos follow this link:
P.S. I am re-posting this from May 2009 because I don't think that many people saw this ukulele that I designed myself and had built. I'm happy to say that my Tickler Uke # 3 (a new custom concert model that I designed) is getting done. So excited about it!


Mark Otis said...

Beautifully designed and crafted!

Amy Crehore said...

Thanks, Mark! Most of the credit goes to the luthier. It sounds wonderful, too.

icinori said...

Ahr!! that ukulele is really crazy :D

It would be a pleasure if you had a look on
---- cephaloprint is back with a new name hehehe

Peter H. Reynolds said...

Lovely, Amy! I want to take this with me when I escape to a deserted island! A

Matt on the Move said...

Hi Amy and Lou! Your old neighbor Matt fresh off a desert island. I could have used one of these and some lessons. Looks awesome!