Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Papa Charlie Jackson 1890-1938

Papa Charlie Jackson by Amy Crehore
I can't remember exactly when I painted this portrait of Papa Charlie Jackson with his guitar banjo. We used to play some of his songs in our little Hokum Scorchers band.
'Jackson was the first really successful self accompanied performer and he has the distinction of being one of the creators of “Hokum”, a spicy form of popular song that made repeated and continual references to sex, his most popular composition being “Shake That Thing”.' read more about Jackson at Red Hot Jazz
Listen to samples of his Complete Recorded Works on Document Records at Amazon:
We especially loved to play these songs:
"I Got What it Takes, but it Breaks my Heart to Give it Away" (Vol.1)
"Your Baby Ain't Sweet Like Mine" (Vol.2)
and "Loan Me Your Heart" (Vol.3)

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