Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A Lanky Pair

Detail of hair and face
Nu au miroir 1981-83 Copyright Balthus (from the book,"Balthus")
Le drap bleu 1981-82 Copyright Balthus (from the book, "Balthus")

I could not resist posting about Balthus again. These two portraits of lanky teens have such rich layers of paint. The green undertone makes their skin seem realer than real. I can remember standing like that with my knees in, belly out. And look at the way the golden hair is painted! It's all crazy-looking yet somehow it's just right. There is plenty of scumbled texture and a keen sense of design. In "Le Drap Bleu", the table legs are echoing the girl's out-stretched leg. Everything is reduced down to it's most basic, simple form.


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