Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Italian Nudes - Felice Casorati

Merrigio 1923 Felice Casorati
Le Signorine 1912 Felice Casorati
Felice Casorati by Herbert List 1949
Nude Study by Felice Casorati
I always admired the studio nudes painted by Italian Painter Felice Casorati (1886-1963), a contemporary of Antonio Donghi. He went from being part of the Symbolist movement in 1912 to being associated with the Italian Metaphysical painters ten years later. "Le Signorine" could mean "The Young Ladies" or it could mean "The Spinsters". Either way, the picture is humorous and psychological. Dolores F., Violante, Bianca (the "white" nude) and Gioconda are their names.
And, in the painting above it, "Merrigio", we want to know what the one nude is thinking while the other one sleeps. The hat and shoes are a nice contrast. And who is that naked guy in the background? Reminds me of Balthus with his mysterious background figures, but it is also a still life. It's all about form, texture and composition.

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