Friday, February 08, 2008

Skin as Soft as Peaches

This is incredible and beautiful - another instance in which art and hokum come together. Pop surrealism, too. "Ella" is a 12-meter-long sculpture of a nude woman made from peaches, as part of a promotional campaign for an Australian skin care product company. The site has a video about its design and construction. Link
Thanks again, boingboing!

More Adventures Starring "Pappy"

Have a look at Ape Lad's newest little film,
These beautiful and very funny little films have been shown on boingboingTV,
where you can find an archive of them. I tried to embed the player on this blog, but it was too big or something. So, just follow the links.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

New Prints by Pressure Printing - Glenn Barr & Amy Crehore

Amy Crehore's "The Banana Eater" by Pressure Printing.
Pressure Printing has just released a beautifully framed Glenn Barr print (only 50 in the edition). They have also released "The Banana Eater" by me, Amy Crehore (only 40 in the edition). These prints have been hand-crafted by the best printer around and packaged to perfection. Available through my website:
My art is featured on paintalicious today and the prints are on boingboing .
(This "Monkey Love" painting was in the very first BLAB Show, Santa Monica, CA 2005)

Leon Kroll (1884-1974)

Summer New York, 1931 by Leon Kroll
Sleep, 1922 by Leon Kroll
The Young Guitarist, 1961 by Leon Kroll

Leon Kroll was a great American artist who lived a long life and did some beautiful work in a classic, realist style. He is a genius worth looking at. These three figure paintings (shown here) knock my socks off.
"Born in New York City, Abraham Leon Kroll studied at the Art Students League, with Ohio-born John H. Twachtman, and in 1903, while attending the National Academy of Design, Kroll was awarded a scholarship to study painting in Europe. When his painting of a female nude won a Grand Prix prize in Paris in 1908, Leon Kroll began a career of winning major prizes in America, and portraying sensuous nude or semi-nude women in naturalistic settings, especially in and around the several stone quarry pools in Rockport." from a biography (McDougall Fine Arts).
More Leon Kroll:

Scary Lovesick Clown

"Rudy Palais does a 'true' crime comics version of I Pagliacci in Crime Does Not Pay #43, January 1946." - Pappy's Golden Age Blogspot
The circus clown in this comic exclaims, "I'm not a clown, I'm an artist!" to the woman he is obsessed with ...right before he .... oops, he wasn't just clowning around. C-r-e-e-p-y clown.
Thanks to STWALLSKULL for the link.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

New Song

From Vega Catalog 1923
I'm going to try rotating different Hokum Scorchers songs on my website every Sunday night - just for fun. Have a listen to the Hokum Scorchers playing the 1920's song, "Papa Do Do Do" by Papa Charlie Jackson (this version was recorded in 1995). Lou Reimuller is playing a Vega Whyte Laydie guitar-banjo and I am on the washboard. I will be playing snare drum, tenor banjo, National plectrum, kazoo and singing on future songs. So, stay tuned for more craziness. Oh, and scroll down the page on this link for the player. My website is set up that have to scroll down to read it - like a blog.

P.S. The song will change every Sunday night!
So, it may be a different one by the time you read this.

Octopus Pulp Covers from the Past

by Lew Merrill 1936
Poulpe Pulps (and Octopia Blog) is a website dedicated to pulp comic covers, magazine covers and book covers featuring images of that strange creature from the deep: the octopus. It's a fascinating and humorous gallery of vintage sci-fi art.
Be sure to follow some of their links to other sites such as this Japanese Pulp Gallery . I'm sure Ryan Heshka can't get enough of this stuff! He seems to be channelling it.

The Art of Amy Crehore