Sunday, December 03, 2006

Teenar, Girl Guitar

Close up of Teenar, Girl Guitar (photo by Lou Reimuller)
Photo by Lou Reimuller
Inventor and craftsman, Lou Reimuller playing Teenar 1986
(Photo by Amy Crehore)
Photo by Lou Reimuller copyright 1986
Here is Lou Reimuller (a.k.a. Sunset Lou, musician, collector, luthier, artist) and his invention: Teenar, The Girl Guitar - a vintage mannequin transformed into an electric guitar (1986, Richmond, VA).
Yes, she really does play the blues.
Listen to Lou Reimuller and Amy Crehore's Hokum Scorcher's Band. LINK
See Teenar in a new outfit HERE .

Interview w/ Amy Crehore, Part 3

"Black Snake Wiggle Blues" 2006 Amy Crehore, Painted for Blab! Show
New! Part 3 of an interview by Marshall Sponder at:

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Free Shipping on Amy Crehore's "Little Pierrot" and "Monkey Love" Prints

"Pussy Cat Rag" by Amy Crehore
"The Charmer" by Amy Crehore
"Little Pierrot" or "Monkey Love" Signed, Limited Edition Giclee Prints
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Free postcards of "The Charmer" and "Pussycat Rag" (above) enclosed with orders.

Hokum Scorchers

Here's a photo of Lou Reimuller a.k.a. Sunset Lou (creator of Teenar, Girl Guitar) doing what he does best, playing hokum music in the Hokum Scorchers band (with me). Also, here is a painting I did for a music cassette cover which has an image of my "Feed the Kitty" sculpture on it. And here is my actual "Feed the Kitty", a hand-crafted piece of folk art which I dragged around to gigs such as the Seattle Folk Festival and Bumbershoot. It was equipped with a foot petal that made the tail move up and down that we activated when people put coins in the mouth of the cat.
(All images from the '90's.)

Friday, December 01, 2006

More Comic Covers

Amy Crehore back in the day of "Boys and Girl's Grow Up", co-editor and publisher
(photo by Tom Campagnoli)
Cover by Les Smith 1983
Cover by Amy Crehore 1981
Cover by Amy Crehore 1982
Cover by Amy Crehore 1985
Here are some more "Boys and Girl's Grow Up" comic covers from 1981-1985.(See previous post for comic cover #4.) All were drawn by me (Amy Crehore) except for # 3 , In the Atomic Age by Les Smith. You can still find copies at Mile High Comics or Last Gasp or sometimes on Ebay.

"Boys and Girls Grow Up" Revisited

Back cover of "Boys and Girls Grow Up" Number 4, 1984 by Amy Crehore (Breck Girl)
Tom Campagnoli, co-editor and publisher "Boys and Girls Grow Up"
Front Cover "Boys and Girls Grow Up" Number 4, 1984 by Amy Crehore
I spent the Thanksgiving holiday in Virginia this year and it was unseasonably warm. The temperature was a perfect 73 degrees and sunny.
My return trip cross-country from VA back to OR took me 24 hours door-to-door. I won't go into the details here, but the airline was kind enough to provide me with a suite in a fancy new Hilton in San Francisco to make up for hours of waiting and missed connections.

While in VA, I visited some of my best friends like Tom Campagnoli. He and I actually published a comic book (much like the early "Blab!" issues) in the first half of the 80's called "Boys and Girls Grow Up". Somehow we managed to keep it going for 5 issues and had it distributed by Last Gasp. Comic artist Peter Bagge (creator of "Hate") wrote a review of our book in an issue of R. Crumb's "Weirdo".

"Boys and Girls Grow Up" was especially sweet because it was a collection of comic art done by some of our closest art school buddies. We all went to V.C.U. in Richmond. From what I hear now, V.C.U. has grown to be one of the largest art schools in the country, if not the largest.

Richmond is also the home of "The Drama" art magazine. I saw some issues of "The Drama" at a Richmond gallery and shop called Quirk along with designer toys and many other cool and unusual things while I was there this past week.
Good ol' Richmond, VA.

Hokum Images

I came across these images on forums recently.
They made me laugh.
It's hokum, folks!