Monday, March 23, 2015

A Desert Oddity - Lotan Lotan 1905-1985

Desert Oddity by Lotan Lotan 1966 

Lotan is a strange and unusual artist from Indiana who moved to Arizona in 1952 at age 47 with a girlfriend named Ruth, age 35, who became his wife. They were both painters and commercial artists. His name was Lotan S.Welshans, but as a couple they lived under the name Lotan and Ruth Ateliers. 
Then, he changed his name to Lotan Lotan, PHD, MD and made up a bunch of bizarre stuff about a European background (to sell art?). Even more bizarre are some of his paintings. He loved Salvador Dali. He loved the desert. He combined the two influences and added nude women to create his own surrealistic fantasies. Other paintings of erotic nudes are intriguing combinations of crudely-painted folk art crossed with advertising/paperback pulp art. 
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