Saturday, December 28, 2013

Some End of the Year Links for You!

A very old photo of a younger me

  1. Johnny Depp to play Banjo uke in George Formby role LINK 
  2. The Junky's Christmas, William Borrough's Claymation 1991 LINK
  3. The Iceberg, a story by Zelda Fitzgerald when she was a teen 1918 LINK
  4. James Brown Mystery of Black ad: LINK
  5. Video of Francoise Gilot who still paints everyday at 92: LINK
  6. Boingboing has a new movie available for download: LINK
  7. Napoleon blowing bubbles! 1813 LINK 
  8. The Hokum Scorchers on soundcloud, recordings from early 90s: LINK

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