Friday, October 25, 2013

Links for Picasso's Birthday (not about Picasso)

Above: "Douleur" painted in 1895 by Antoon van Welie
Happy Birthday Picasso!
  1. New exhibition by Neo Rauch: LINK
  2. Italian Man Builds Theme Park by Hand: LINK 
  3. 1887 Nude Descending Staircase: LINK
  4. Great Joni M. documentary: LINK
  5. Watch Tarkovsky films free: LINK
  6. Sad Boyfriends Modeling Etsy Creations by Girlfriends: LINK
  7. The Most Fascinating Humans of New York: LINK 
  8. Kim Deitch interview podcast on Boingboing: LINK 
  9. Peter Bagge's Woman Rebel, The Margaret Sanger Story: review LINK
  10. The Magazine will have some stories featured on Boingboing.

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