Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Some Links for You

Shown here: Just a detail of a larger illustration that I did for The Magazine . Art by Amy Crehore 2013.
(My original illustration art for this has now been sold, oil on wood)

I recently did an illustration for The Magazine (digital subscription magazine)
Issue 24 August 29, 2013
Article is Hacked Off by Rosie Spinks. Editor Glenn Fleishman @GlennF
Here are some more links for fun:
  1. How Video Games Revived the Dying Art of Japanese Woodprinting, article John Brownlee Fast Company Design LINK
  2. 1972 Interview with Moe Howard of Three Stooges LINK 
  3. Vent Haven Museum in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky has tons of ventriloquist dummies on display LINK
  4. Crazy French Clown Photos1900-1930s LINK
  5. Pre-Raphaelite Mural uncovered in William Morris' Red House LINK
  6. Magritte cover art for Minotaure issue 10 1937 LINK
  7. French staircase, early 19th century LINK
  8. Hilarious Mennen Talc Ad from 70s LINK
  9. Leo Dohmen, photographer with surrealist period 1929-1999 LINK

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