Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Drawings by Pieter Bruegel the Elder

 Avarice 1556
Spring 1565
Mountain Landscape by a River 1553
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A few years ago, I bought an old copy of Pieter Bruegel The Drawings (Complete Edition) by Ludwig Munz , a Phaidon book from 1961. The book is thick and a little musty, but I never get tired of looking at these drawings (just as I never tire of  Goya's Los Caprichos of 1799). Shown above are some examples that I found online. (Follow link to see more.) The landscape drawings, in particular, have proven to be a wonderful reference source for me as they show the architecture of mountains and streams from afar.
I always think about Van Gogh when I see Bruegel's drawings.
He must have studied them intensely. I can see a definite Bruegel influence of style and subject matter in Van Gogh's own drawings.

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