Wednesday, December 28, 2011

"Sexy" Tiny Tim in Glam Rock Outfit with Ukulele

Not sure where this photo was taken - maybe the Johnny Carson Show or "Laugh In"? I never saw it before. Tiny Tim is rocking out with a silver ukulele and gold boots. I wonder what song he was playing? (Thanks, Joe Schenkman facebook)
Here's an unusual clip from Australia TV 1970 where he sings "Rock Around the Clock" with go go dancers, minus the uke. Apparently he played in Australia quite a bit.

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gregor said...

I had the distinct pleasure of his company on several occasions. Miss Vickie lived near my girlfriend at the time just before their marriage and he was a frequent guest at homes in the neighborhood. Absolutely delightful human being, and bottomless well of old time music history. It's too bad he became such a cult figure, left to his own devices, he might have done so much for the preservation the genre.