Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Parades of Pink Flamingos

Each day, as I take my hike up the hill, I notice more houses sporting parades of pink flamingos in their front yards. Sometimes one house will trade them off to another house, but there are at least three houses right now with these crazy decorations. I was puzzled about it and wondered if the purpose was to scare the deer away from eating flowers. Then, after searching online, I found a forum that mentioned "pink flamingos are uglier than wild turkeys and would scare them off". We have had many wild turkeys roaming the neighborhoods and grazing on lawns for the last year or so. There was even an albino turkey in the pack. I thought they were sort of cute, but I guess it has gotten so bad that the neighbors became desperate to try anything to make them go away. Even if it means having dozens of tacky plastic flamingos in their front yards! Hope it works. On the way down the hill, I saw the turkeys doing their thing.


heather noye said...

i'd like both the flamingos and the turkeys in my yard :)

alteredslates said...

I liked this lil story :- )
There aren't any large American birds roaming my neighborhood, no Pink Plastic ones either. . . Thanks for the visual tour