Sunday, April 17, 2011

Drawings of Butterflies by Nabokov

The author’s own copy of Lolita. [via the Nabokov Museum]
Photograph of a young Nabokov with butterfly doodles by the man himself.
A drawn inscription in his final novel, Look at the Harlequins! To VĂ©ra, of course. [via Cornell]
Flavorwire posted some of Vladimir Nabokov's drawings of butterflies in honor of his birthday next week (April 22). He adored butterflies from a young age. Nabokov used the title pages from some of his books and inscribed them to his wife, Vera, and other family members. Follow link to see more:


Shelley Rickey said...

Ah, somehow, that's very touching.

The Leaf Unturned said...

beautiful! I posted this on my tumblr,, and it got a bunch of feedback! so I posted a cute photo of Tanbooty in the sun on your porch--with a link to your website. :)

Miss you! Hope the weather's still been sunny.

Little Amy

Amy Crehore said...

Hi Amy...glad you like this post. Will check out your tumbler.
Miss you! Sunny today!

sroden said...

holy cow those are amazing, and while i knew about his obsession with them i'd never seen images... f-ing fantastic!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for posting.

Amy Crehore said...

Thank you for commenting!!

Elizabeth Halt said...

Wow! He did love butterflies. Thanks for sharing the link! :)

So neat to see his very own copy of Lolita.