Thursday, December 23, 2010

Vaudeville at the Drug Store

I was transported back in time yesterday. Around the corner at my favorite drug store (Hirons), Whistling Mitch gave a special Christmas performance. He had a vintage Harmony ukulele, green with palm trees, you know the one. Sporting giant ears, hilarious Elvis wig or a crown of colored lights, Mitch played song after song in front of the candy racks, behind the leftover Halloween masks (now perfect costumes for New Year's Eve). I really liked it when he took out a rub vest in the shape of a neck tie and tapped out a tune with his thimbles. I was jealous and almost grabbed it to join in (washboard player that I am), but I got shy at the last minute. Here are the photos. Thanks, Mitch for an old-fashioned 5-and-dime experience.


alteredslates said...

Thank you Amy for sharing this experience at Hirons; I needed a lil escape and imagining the stores atmosphere whilst he entertained the patrons helped me on route :)

Amy Crehore said...

Maybe I should have recorded a video, too! He even sang a song that he wrote about the store (which is filled with all kinds of crazy stuff).