Monday, November 22, 2010

Father and Son Photographers

Nancy by Emmet Gowin (Danville, VA)
Maggie and Orbs by Elijah Gowin
Globe by Elijah Gowin
The bottom two photos were taken by Elijah Gowin, son of photographer Emmet Gowin (who created the top photo of "Nancy"). These wonderful images were made in rural Virginia. They are part of Elijah's "Hymnal of Dreams" portfolio: LINK
These B & W photos remind me of the years that I spent in Virginia and my college days at VCU. That is when I first heard of his father, Emmet, who became my favorite photographer and inspiration at the time. (Here's a link to some of Emmet's photos at the George Eastman House.) Before I was so interested in painting, I spent my days taking photographs. That was how I learned to compose things- in the view finder of a camera. What a pleasant surprise it is to find these amazingly artistic photos by Emmet's son taken in the Virginia countryside.

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