Sunday, August 15, 2010

Escape to San Francisco

I took a little trip to San Francisco last week to check out galleries and have some fun. I met my friend from L.A. and we stayed in the Westin St. Francis which was located right in the heart of Union Square. From there, we walked to galleries, restaurants, Chinatown and Market Street, museums, etc. The 20th floor, where I stayed, had a great view of the city, sky and water.

Here, I'm posing in front of a massage parlor near Union Square. I like the wacky window display. The city was super windy and you can see my hair blowing in this photo.
My favorite restaurant was Le Colonial, a French Vietnamese place (located in an alley) with an elegant dining room, plus an upstairs lounge that had a jazz/blues band. One could spend hours there with friends and not have to go anywhere else. The atmosphere was so perfect.
Here I am inside the beautiful Xanadu Gallery on Maiden Lane, San Francisco's only Frank Lloyd Wright Building. Frank renovated this building in 1948 (a gift shop) and used it as the prototype for the Guggenheim Museum. The people who worked here were super friendly, as were all of the people that I talked to in San Francisco galleries (which I will blog about next).
Posing outside of the Olympic Club which had two exceptionally well-endowed statues.
Inside Harry Denton's Starlight Room at the top of the Sir Francis Drake hotel. Incredible view of the city from the dance floor, plus funky vintage decor. Unfortunately, it was the wrong night and the wrong mood with pounding disco music instead of jazz.


alteredslates said...

So happy to know you had a good time and are back safe and hopefully sane; I've drivin thru SF a few times but never visited. Thanks so much for the images and descriptions, they've been saved to my 'amyadoration' folder :)

Anonymous said...

Haven't been there in a long time, hopefully will do it again one day. Thanks for sharing!