Wednesday, June 02, 2010

What am I up to? (Crehore)

Right-hand side detail of a painting by Amy Crehore 2010
Here I am showing you a direct scan of a little bit more of one of my paintings. It's been raining here for weeks now and I have been unable to take 35mm slides of the new work. I also had to search for a new photographer to take my 4"x5" transparencies. I'll hopefully have an appointment with him next week. Film and film processing are getting harder to find around here. He had to order the film from NYC. Unfortunately, scanning oil paintings directly is not great and neither is digital photography. I have to make sure that I obtain the best photos for archiving and reproduction purposes. This can be frustrating. Meanwhile, I am re-working and inking a drawing that will become a letterpress print. I started it last fall, but I just wasn't satisfied with the composition. Figuring out the colors can also be tricky. I want it to be right. This is taking me a long time.
The green duco vintage ukulele (my Nip-Cat) that I showed you earlier is still being painted. Tickler #3 is still being built. Sometimes art happens slowly in this fast food world of ours.
Craftsmanship is important to me.

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alteredslates said...

Have wondered why all the fuss over 'scans' of your work; this explains alot :)I love the colors Amy, their soft brilliance and range in blend & hue are one of many things that first attracted my senses to your paintings.