Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Dirty Blond Banjo-uke (Crehore)

Click on image to enlarge. Original design by Amy Crehore.
This vintage banjo-uke still needs some varnish, tuners, tailpiece and strings. But, here's a direct scan of my original painting, because I couldn't wait to show you. (The scan has some glare, but you can get the idea.) It's called "Dirty Blond" and it's a Slingerland from the 1920s with birdseye maple veneer on the sides. It's in excellent shape, restored to a natural shine by the luthier. I will take slides when it's all done. Stay tuned....I also have some slides coming of two new canvases.
This uke is on boingboing.net!
(Huge thanks to A. Barrett of CA for the generous uke donation.)
See more of my ukes here: flickr
Plus, Tickler #2 Uke built from scratch.


Ben said...

wow. so nice. please consider mandolins if you haven't yet done one. Some fine, fine banjolins out there, and beyond that, the f holes in an actual mando could make for interesting elements.

I love this, maybe the headstock most of all. brilliant. thanks.

Lloydville said...

What a great image!

Amy Crehore said...


abandonview said...

I just finished checking your flickr out... such amazing work! (oh i added you too, i'm the black skull.) yr blog is fun too :D