Friday, November 21, 2008

Speaking of Cats in Art

"Maiko Tiger"painting copyright Moira Hahn
"Bat Luck" painting copyright Moira Hahn
Aren't these beautiful? Moira Hahn is currently showing her watercolors at Roq la Rue in Seattle until Dec. 6 (shown above are two from that show) and she is also in the upcoming "KNOW" exhibit curated by Mark Murphy (Art Basel Miami). If that isn't enough, she is having a solo show at Koplin Del Rio in Culver City, CA opening January 10th, 2009. I am hoping to swing by and check it out when I go down there in February. Can't wait. "Moira Hahn celebrates the mythology of Persian miniatures, Tibetan Thanka paintings, Japanese Ukiyo-e prints, Indian animal drawings and Chinese guardian figures" ...with a twist.


Anonymous said...

Nice find. Thanks.

Astromeria said...

Thanks Amy! Wish I could see the show in Seattle!

leemoyer said...

I met her at ComicCon a couple years back and bought a lovely print for my hostess in SanDiego.
Great work and such a nice person. :)