Saturday, October 04, 2008

Rolling Stone:The Illustrated Portraits

"Rolling Stone: The Illustrated Portraits" 2000 (Chronicle Books) with cover by Mark Ryden
Jewel and Alanis Morrisette double portrait by Amy Crehore 1998
Every now and again, I look back and realize how lucky I have been. With all crazy the ups and downs of this career, there were some really nice moments. Being included in this book was one of those moments. Only about 100 illustrations were published in this anthology from 30 years of Rolling Stone magazine. Looking at the list of names again - I see Gottfried Helnwein and Thomas Woodruff, both of whom I just blogged about. I see Charles Burns, Laura Levine, Gerard Dubois, Blair Drawson, Anita Kunz, Risko, Ryden, Steadman, Burke, Brodner, Glaser, Hirschfeld, C.F. Payne, Vivienne Flesher, Greg Clarke, Rob Clayton, Jason Holley, Janet Woolley and even Joni Mitchell. There are many more- too many to list! I apologize for that.
There were no hoops to jump through to get into his book, no fees to pay, no contests, no politics of exclusion. My double portrait of Jewel and Alanis Morrisette (illustration from Dec 1998) was simply chosen by the editors because they liked it. It represented an era, and being in this book is an honor that no one can take away from me. Rolling Stone even purchased my original art for their corporate collection.
The book is out of stock now, but you can buy it used or "like new" through amazon.
P.S. My portrait of Alanis started out nude, hiding behind hair like Lady Godiva. But, at the last minute I painted a green shirt on her. I decided that I needed more color.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Amy! That's truly wonderful. And, lovely work by you, too.


leemoyer said...

You are mighty!

Bravo to the Rolling Stone for having the necessary degree of taste. :)