Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The GREEN Art Opening, Robert Berman Gallery

The Modlins photo by Mark Murphy
I am slow to get my photos up, but Mark Murphy (I finally got to meet the man -very friendly and nice!) has posted lots of photos from the Green Show opening on his blog. So, follow that link and have a look. Bergamot Station in Santa Monica (where the show was held at Robert Berman Gallery) has dozens of galleries all in one complex. Saturday night, Nov 17, was fully packed with people as there were many other openings that night and people walked from gallery to gallery. Erling Wold, the composer from S.F., was in town and stopped in at the show. He has blogged about meeting me here. (Flattery will get you everywhere, Erling.)
I also talked with Mark Frauenfelder and my friend George from Eugene. I met Bob Dob, Cathie Bleck, Nathan Ota and more. I just missed Lisa Mertins (who drove all the way out to meet me, but didn't know what I looked like) and who knows who else. It was so packed that it was hard to meet everyone. Mr. Robert Berman, the gallery owner, was absolutely the coolest guy. The Modlins entertained us with their music.

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