Sunday, July 16, 2006

Art NYC, Fabulous New Blog!

There's a new blog called Art NYC which featured my "Creature" painting this month after seeing Mark Frauenfelder's recent boingboing post about it.
Later, B.L. Ochman gave both Art NYC and my painting a nice mention.
Marshall Sponder of ArtNYC has now written a great review of my "Banana Eater" painting in his July 15th, 2006 post.

I suppose he will have to continue to wonder about what the red pelican means in my painting (actually a scarlet ibis from South America) because I don't know myself! It's a design element - I needed it to balance my composition - but, it is also a potential "character" in the fantasy. I can tell him that my monkey is from South America and so is my girl and the tree has nuts, but they aren't coconuts, they are brazil nuts. The monkey is a squirrel monkey and the location is loosly based on Devil's Island, off of French Guiana.
Check out ART NYC

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