Sunday, April 10, 2011

Auction ends tonight for Crehore One-of-A-Kind "Ema" art on eBay, 100% donated to Japan fund

AUCTION SUMMARY LINK to all pieces in this auction (Christina Conway, curator)
It feels good to help Japan in some small way! An "ema" is a traditional Japanese prayer plaque.
My design is new and original. It was hand-painted with oil paint on wood. I am also donating my preliminary sketch.
100% of the proceeds will benefit Give2Asia Earthquake and Tsunami 2011 Fund
REMINDER: This auction for my 2 pieces will end at around 11:25 pm Pacific Time tonight, April 10, 2011.

Great Examples of Slang from Flapper Era

Read More on BOOK FLAPS BLOG (via boingboing)
Some of my favs below from July 1922 Flapper Magazine (Flapper Dictionary):

Alarm Clock—Chaperon.

Anchor—Box of flowers.

Apple Knocker—A hick; a hay-shaker.

Apple Sauce--Flattery; bunk.

Barlow—A girl, a flapper, a chicken.

Bank’s Closed—No petting allowed; no kisses.


Biscuit—A pettable flapper.

Billboard—Flashy man or woman.

Blushing Violet—A publicity hound.

Boob Tickler—Girl who entertains father’s out-of-town customers.e.

Cancelled Stamp—A wallflower.

Cake Basket—A limousine.

Cellar Smeller—A young man who always turns up where liquor is to be had without cost.

Clothesline—One who tells neighborhood secrets.

Corn Shredder—young man who dances on a girl’s feet.

Dincher—A half-smoked cigarette.

Edisoned—Being asked a lot of questions.

Face Stretcher—Old maid who tried to look younger.

Frog’s Eyebrows—Nice, fine.

Handcuff—Engagement ring.

Houdini—To be on time for a date.


Munitions—Face powder and rouge.

Noodle Juice—Tea.


Nut Cracker—Policeman’s nightstick.

Pillow Case—Young man who is full of feathers.

Police Dog—Young man to whom one is engaged.

Potato—A young man shy of brains

Smoke Eater—A girl cigarette user.


Trotzky—Old lady with a moustache and chin whiskers.

Umbrella—young man any girl can borrow for the evening.

Wind Sucker—Any person given to boasting.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Kohala Girls played National Guitars

The Kohala Girls circa 1934 featuring Letritia Kandle on National Tricone Resophonic
The Kohala Girls play "Chile Blues" - Instrumental

We love vintage National guitars and National guitar family instruments at our house.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Charity Ebay Auction Ends April 10! Crehore Original Hand-painted "ema" and sketch in "Artists Help Japan" Ebay Auction


I am participating in an "Artists Help Japan" auction on ebay. Curator Christina Conway came up with the idea of having the artists paint "emas" (traditional Japanese prayer plaques). 100% of the proceeds will benefit Give2Asia Earthquake and Tsunami 2011 Fund. Follow this LINK!! You'll have until late evening April 10, 2011 to bid on my art.
Artists: Amy Crehore, Fawn Fruits, Joel Nakamura, Kelly Vivanco, Aaron Meshon, Allison Sommers, Yoskay Yamamoto, Jeya, Zoe Williams, Lili Piri, MALL, Axelhoney, Lorena Alvarez, Celene Petrulak, Amy Huddleston, X03, plus more being added! (Note: Audrey Kawasaki has been added and more.)
I will be shipping my pieces to the buyer(s) personally and will include a note.
(This auction is under "ebay Charity Works", puck.rye)

Thanks, Christina Conway, for all of your hard work in setting up this amazing auction.
My wish is for calmness and joy for all people of Japan.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Writers and their Cats

Edward Gorey and family
I'm a sucker for this. Not only are the photos in black and white, but its a whole blog devoted to Writers and Kitties
Follow the link and you will find some excellent photographs such as the one shown above.
Thank you! It warms my heart to see these images.