Monday, March 07, 2011

Frescoes of Pompeii

It's strange to feel a kinship with people who lived 2,000 years ago, but when I look at the frescoes of Pompeii, I feel very close to these painters. The photos above are from a 2008 exhibition of 2,000-year-old paintings called Pompeian Red, the National Museum of Rome. LINK
More than 100 paintings "shed light on the beliefs, home decorations, fashions, architecture, landscape, dining tables and people who lived in the ancient city of Rome and in Pompeii before its destruction by a volcanic eruption in AD79". I would add that they were not afraid to show the act of love on their walls as seen in the second to last image (above).
Right now, I am painting a picture with a volcano in it. It's for an art show opening March 26th in NYC. I'll actually be in two shows in NYC that week. I'll tell you more soon.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Pocket Watches by Joseph Cornell

It gets me excited to see artwork that I have never seen before, such as these pocket watches from 1943-44 by Joseph Cornell, who is one of my favorite artists. Gorgeous! He loved cobalt blue!
There is a show at Schroeder, Romero & Shredder gallery that looks like a winner:

Joseph Cornell, Witold Gordon, Leon Kelly, Louis Marcoussis, Man Ray:

Les Devins (link)

The title means "Soothsayers".

On view at 531 W. 26th St. NYC until April 9.

Humorous Bathers Image 1886

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I guess long hair came in handy sometimes - the woman in distant center (smelling a rose) uses it to cover her private part. The rest are covered up by various leaves and plants. This is a chromolithograph print from 1886.

Friday, March 04, 2011

Michael Kohn Gallery to show Camille Rose Garcia's New Work.

Nice colors and textures in this new painting by Camille Rose Garcia. She has created an almost tapestry-like effect. This painting will be on display at Michael Kohn Gallery in Los Angeles- it's part of her upcoming show which opens on March 12. Camille has an innate and superb graphics sensibility.
I share something in common with her. We have both done art for Blab! and Pressure Printing.

Dali Eating Chocolate

Thursday, March 03, 2011

The Armory Show 2011

At the Armory Show in NYC - Here's a sculpture of a girl lying naked on a role of lifesavers with people talking in the background.
Credit: The Armory Show flickr set.