Saturday, August 28, 2010

Nick Cave Soundsuits in new issue of Vogue

I blogged about Nick Cave, Chicago artist, before (link ). Shown above: one of his hairier "soundsuits". He has an 8-page spread in the new issue of Vogue. For people in Chicago: From September 10 to 17 there'll be a video installation of the Soundsuits on the corner of South Michigan Avenue and 23rd Street every evening starting at 8 PM. A pop-up shop featuring items like prints and T-shirts inspired by the suits opens from 8 to 10 PM on September 10, with a Vogue-signing by Cave from 9:30 to 10, and continues nightly from 6 to 9 PM. Link Chicago Reader

Friday, August 27, 2010

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Circular Photos from No.1 Kodak Camera 1890

Boy paddling in the sea, 1890
from National Media Museum
set on flickr

"Shygals' Serenade" -New letterpress print by Amy Crehore

Copyright Amy Crehore 2010
Tickler Production presents: "Shygals' Serenade", a beautifully hand-crafted 3-color fine art limited edition letterpress print - featuring two gals, two monkeys and a ukulele. It is an original design by Amy Crehore printed with archival inks on 13" x 10" 140 lb Holyoke Premium Cotton paper. Special price is $50. w/ free shipping in USA and Canada (limited time) . Each print is signed and numbered by me (Amy Crehore). Each print also comes with a signed certificate of authenticity. (This print was made from an original ink drawing and old-fashioned acetate overlays. I used a fine brush to do the work.) Here is the link to buy:

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Great Galleries in San Francisco

Wilson Shieh, Swimmer, Crown Point Press

Alexander Gorlizki at John Berggruen
(abstracted miniatures with Indian influence and technique - he had an Indian miniaturist helping him realize his vision)
Gordon Cook, Lead Milk Bottle on a Stand at George Krevsky

Remedios Varo, Study for Encuentro 1959, Frey Norris
Robert Schwartz at Hackett Mill
Gina Pearlin at Jack Fischer

Roscubas at Caldwell Snyder

Francesca Sundsten at Jenkins Johnson (this is a miniature)
Scott Greene at Catherine Clark
Last week, I went to quite a few galleries in and around Union Square, San Francisco. I really enjoyed seeing work by colleague Andrea Dezso at Frey Norris and talking to Wendi Norris about Remedios Varo in the annex.
I was able to study two incredible Robert Schwartz paintings at Hackett Mill Gallery. The imaginative details in his 8" gouache paintings are nothing short of astounding. Alexander Gorlizki's show at John Berggruen was on a miniature scale, too, as were Francesca Sundsten's tiny oils painted on top of antique cabinet cards.
The elongated Roscubas sculptures at Caldwell Snyder were a treat and Scott Greene's paintings at Catherine Clark were full of surprises and well-painted (this gallery also shows some of my other favs: Julie Heffernan and Sandow Birk). I saw a room full of Clare Rojas at the Museum of Craft and Folk Art. Here are links to some of the galleries I went to:
I had a wonderful time walking from place to place.